Date Change, Number, ⌚⫷ 1⑉888⑉339⑉0070 ⫸⌚ Delta Airlines change date policy

Date Change, Number, ⌚⫷ 1⑉888⑉339⑉0070 ⫸⌚ Delta Airlines change date policy

Delta Airlines Makes it Harder to Change Flights

That’s right, folks, the good old days of having your flight changed with relative ease are over. For years, Delta Airlines has been letting their customers change flights online for free and without hassle – as long as you didn’t want to change it to an earlier time or on a flight that wasn’t full. But as of January 21st, all that has changed; now if you want to change any flight at all, even just from one day to the next, there’s going to be a $200 charge added onto your bill. So what does this mean for you?

Background info
Delta Airlines recently announced changes to its flight-change policy, including an increase in fees for these changes. It used to be that passengers could change their tickets for free if they made any schedule changes within 24 hours of booking; now, they must change flights at least one day before their original departure date.

Why this is bad for consumers
As of November, consumers looking to change their Delta flight must first request a one-time passcode. Once they have that, they can log in and make changes at any time before their original flight is scheduled to take off. However, if your departure date is between 24 and 72 hours away, you can no longer change your ticket. This is especially bad for families traveling with young children — if your flight gets delayed or canceled, you may be out of luck on getting home for Thanksgiving.

What are their alternatives?
Delta Airlines makes it pretty hard for you to change your flights if you need to. There’s no alternative number or address you can use, and their website isn’t very helpful in actually changing your flight. You have to fill out a form and wait for Delta’s customer service people (who aren’t based in Chicago) to get back to you with an answer about whether or not they will help you with your travel needs.

How will customers respond?
First, change fees are a cash cow for airlines; in 2013 alone, carriers made nearly $3 billion from these fees. And that’s why Delta is so adamant about not making any changes: Their customers tend to fly less often and pay higher fares than customers of most other airlines. Thus, passengers are more likely to need to change their flights—which means those customers are more likely to have paid a fee in order to do so.


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