How Yearn NFT Plans to Transform the Creative NFT Industry?

There’s a new buzzword that is breaking the headlines familiar as NFT or non-fungible tokens. Many artists and creators are now building a fortune by creating and selling their exclusive work. Such enthusiasts are making true use of new technology incorporating cryptocurrency and blockchain to initiate unique digital assets.

A phenomenon is eventually opening up the digital space to creators that has never seen before where anyone with a unique and factual sense of creativity can easily create, mint and sell NFTs. On the other hand, as we explore the origin, the deeper we find the emergence and use cases of NFTs in the virtual as well as real world.

NFTs can be described as a proof of ownership of digital assets on a blockchain. They depict anything including art pieces, trophies, game collectibles, meme, tweets, screenshots, GIFs, etc. Its nature is non-interchangeable and unique in form.

Introduction to the New NFT Marketplace

YearnNFT NFT marketplace is basically a blockchain-based trading ecosystem where NFTs can be purchased, sold or auctioned. One of the major aspects is liquidity needed in a marketplace. Let’s check out some ideal qualities that our marketplace offers in large scale:

Speed: transactions are quite fast on our NFT marketplace.

Cost: The transaction fees is relatively meagre.

User Experience: A fast-track marketplace simple and easy to use.

Community: YearnNFT community with a large and active user-base.

Governance: A decentralized structure with governance using native utility token to vote and make decisions.

Extras: Bonuses, referrals, auctions, launchpads, etc.

Binance Smart Chain is a smart contract operating chain that runs in alignment to the Binance chain. Ever since its emergence, major projects are developing their blockchain and network on BSC.

BSC offers a considerable edge in comparison to Ethereum with regards to transaction speed and low fees. YearnNFT Finance is the NFT bank to create and trade digital assets, the user can stake and explore this NFT portfolio.

YearnNFT Finance Marketplace

YearnNFT NFT marketplace offers a multi-chain platform with a whole new NFT experience. This platform has its governance asset YFNFT tokens that is used to trade, buy, reserve and sell items on YearnNFT.

This project is partnered and in service with PancakeSwap, DappRadar, InterFi Network, Binance and SECFI. You can now bring your idea to life from our tutorials and guides. We offer:

  • NFT’s guides for all
  • Multi-chain NFT trading
  • Verified and simplified platform
  • NFT staking pool smart contract with an AMY of up to 18% on NFT
YFNFT Minting Model

YFNFT Minting Model is an upcoming NFT marketplace developed on Binance Smart Chain. This project tends to offer exclusive services like fast turnover interface, easy to use platform and the best stage for new NFT artists and creators in the market.

The platform incorporates BSC edge in low fees, transaction speed, and fluent user experience to present NFTs to everyone. We have a sophisticated interface for beginners to explore every section with ease.

Marketplace: YearnNFT DApp has a simple, easy to go design.

Homepage: It offers a collection of NFTs where, every NFT portray an art piece with the owner details and price in BNB.

Search: It allows the user to search for artworks by any name and even sort by price as per your preference.

Profile: It displays the user account name and available token balance.

Create: It allows the person to make their NFT with ease.

Here’s the procedure to use the YFNFT Minting platform:

  • Upload the file [ GIF, PNG or JPEG formats, file size within 10MB]
  • Enter the name and fill in the description boxes.
  • Set the price. The user can also use an inbuilt price calculator to know the price in BNB and the USD equivalent.
  • Finally create and set up the profile.
YFNFT Token Presale is Live

YearnNFT Finance has a total supply of 73339 tokens, wherein 40% tokens are raised for YFNFT token presale event. Presale Round 1 will distribute 20% and remaining 20% is allocated for Round 2.

Round 1 was started from 19 November and Round 2 is in action from 1 December 2021. The user needs to use any BSC supported wallet browser like Metamask or Trustwallet. YearnNFT team aims to reach 300x by 15 February. Instantly after the presale Round 2 ends, the token plans to get listed on PancakeSwap.

Presale Round 1

0.125 BNB per 1 YFNFT

We use the user data to build great and solid product

Offers + 10% Bonus

1 NFT free on 1 BNB purchase

Presale Round 2

0.16 BNB per 1 YFNFT

We use the user data to build great and solid product

Offers +5% Bonus

1 NFT free on 1 BNB Purchase


0.22 BNB per 1YFNFT

We use the user data to build great and solid product

300x Target to achieve

You can buy and stake NFTs

This platform provides many more ways to earn YFNFT tokens. The user can participate in our bounty program, refer people to earn rewards, join the YouTube bounty and creators’ bounty, etc. So, whichever you choose, you are leading the right way.

NFTs owns and demonstrates the real potential to revolutionize the creative digital world. YearnNFT is here tracing the similar path with an intention to change the entire NFT marketplace for better. Visit our official website and keep an eye on our actions to stay updated and enter the seamless world of NFTs.

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