UmamiSwap - Defi Trading Made Eay

UmamiSwap is a world class DeFi trading platform on a mission to increase the speed at which decentralized finance is adopted. UmamiSwap aims to do this with user friendly trading tools and DeFi products. UMAMI is the utility token for the UmamiSwap ecosystem UMAMI holders receive special benefits and premium platform features for holding UMAMI.

UmamiSwap Trading Platform features include professional charting, limit orders, stop losses, swaps, sniper, contract audits, portfolio tracker, token info, and more! Additional features are in developments and will be released as they are completed.

The UMAMI token contract has adjustable transaction taxes which are split between development, marketing, liquidity, buybacks & burns, and rewards.




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Apr 28, 2022
I never liked cryptocurrency trading, because to me it is much more complicated and there are a lot more factors that can affect the price of the asset completely by chance. Forex trading is much easier and more reliable, even though it brings less profit. Although, the plus of Forex trading is that if you read this and make yourself a micro-account, then even with the smallest capital you can earn good money, because you will be able to use the leverage of 1:2000.